Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sincerely the girls!

Hey Church!!
This is the second day in New Orleans, not much weather wise has changed. Its still hot and humid, and we still have been walking everywhere! People who where wearing flip flops have BLACK feet! However we are having TONS of fun! The girls started our morning at 8AM when we showered and went to continental breakfast, where we were expecting to meet everyone else. However the boys did not wake up until 9:02, which was past our meeting time, and the adults were just a bit tired from yesterday. Once we finally managed to get on the road walking there were some frustrations with stopping for no traffic. However when we took a bite of the beignets at Cafe Du Monde all the frustrations were gone. We met Lauren Ghenn and Stevie Buthe at Cafe Du Monde who waited and saved tables for us, for over an hour and a half. Then we broke up into groups for two hours and went impulse shopping at the French Market, which was awesome. It will probably be the best part of today. Everything was inexpensive and unique to New Orleans. Some of the things we bought included sunglasses, beads, alligator heads, non headache rings, other jewelry, and magnets. While walking back to meet the other groups we saw another group of teens who were a bit older getting off a bus. A few of the teens started to walk off when there uptight adult leaders flipped out on them because they walked a few feet away?? Well seeing this made us appreciate the trust that all of the adults have put in us, including Ray, Sarah, and Erik! After we met up we decided to go to the imax/aquarium. At the imax we saw a Katrina movie that was dramatic and brought tears to some of us. The aquarium was cool, but we only lasted like a half hour. Finally we went and toured the mall, which has very unusual touristy stores. Then we WALKED home. So far today we probably walked 4 to 5 miles! We are building muscles here in New Orleans. On the agenda tonight is Emerils, and hanging out with some ASP friends. Cheers! ~Cheryl Rozinski~Renee Buthe~Becca Kehs~

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