Monday, July 20, 2009

Love, Becca

day 1:

after our airport journey that i'm sure cheryl described in full, we managed to eventually secure a shuttle to the hotel, check in, find all of the wonderful food opportunities, and wander around some local shops and food areas, particularly along the riverwalk.

we toured bourbon street and canal street and got to experience some local cultural aspects while also gaining some extremely memorable quotes from members of our group as well as some of the people around us.

already it seems that there could be some budding romances (mostly fake ones... haha) within our group. should be interesting to see what happens when 35,000 more teens show up!

anywayy after miles of walking around today, we went on a "haunted history tour" which was definitely more history than haunted, but still very interesting.

then more walking. back to the hotel where we disappointedly couldn't get in the pool, but settled into our rooms and (surprisingly) managed to turn lights out over a half hour early!

i guess that's all for now, i'm not one for detail.


(m,b&a:: none down, but darn close [= )

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