Thursday, July 23, 2009

<3 the girlies

day 4: (day 2 of gathering):

highlights:: meeting teens from all over the country (esp. cute boys!), seeing so many fellow lutherans all gathered in one place (superdome) for mass gathering ((and all of their camera flashes!)), killer calf muscles, "fourthmeal," workshops and learning experiences, seeing familiar faces, and obviously FREE HUGS.

funny moments/stories:: the noise cheryl just made (horse? maybe?), FREE HUGS!!! (and not-so-free ones??), fitting whole chips in our mouths, snuggling, smelly hotel rooms, small beds, cheryl's love for the bathroom (at emeril's), sign language, "yo, text it.", business cards, clothes pins, borat references, clever (and not-so-clever) t-shirts, running into old "friends" (awkward.), shaughn's spelling (or lack thereof), funny quotes (too many to list, but we'll try), define... define., "i want the fresh bacon salad... without the bacon", define "white guy walking"... cuz that guy, is white, and walking...", "stop hitting on those girls and let's go!" "i didn't even get to start!", man purses, "red shirt at that table" ...."ross?!", cheryl's brutal honesty (she apologizes in advance), oohhh cheryl, "heeeyyeyyy", thinking of things to put in this blog...

so overall, i think it's safe to say that although we have had TONS of funny moments and memorable experiences that may not seem completely "church-y", we really are experiencing a faith journey that none of us will ever forget. whether it be "twittering" via post-it notes, writing cards to the courageous women in our lives, watching videos, dancing, taking time to write poetry reflecting ourselves and our faith, or just sitting against a wall and people-watching/talking, all of us have already learned so much about ourselves and our peers. we look forward to the next two days of fun, interaction, and service, and of course, we continue to thank our congregation and home-support for everything they've done.

& cheryl

[[remember to hug someone today! it really does spread happiness]]

*side note for m/b/a: we really are getting along. i swear.*


  1. Glad you're having fun! Miss you all! Can't wait to hear the stories! Praying
    Love Ruth

  2. Cheryl, sorry I missed your call, I was playing volleyball with my work group. Thinking of you and praying for safe travels. Be good, Love Dad

  3. We love you both, thanks for commenting!