Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prayer is just as much a part of the gathering as meals...

As a ministry to the Gathering, the Safety & Security Team will be setting up a chapel devoted entirely to praying for Gathering participants, events, the city of New Orleans, Gathering staff, volunteers, and all concerns related to a Spirit-filled, successful Gathering.
Please take advantage of this ministry. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns contact us at
24 x 7 Prayer Vigil
There will be a 24 hour a day prayer vigil for the duration of the Gathering. Invite members of your local church and your volunteer group to sign up to pray for the Gathering and participants.

The Web site to sign up is If you are in New Orleans and are signed up to pray during a time that the Interaction Center is open, let us know and we'll reserve a private place for you to pray.

Prayer Line

Beginning July 19 and continuing through July 26 (Sunday worship), anyone can call the non-emergency prayer request line at 1-866-521-7729 This number will be listed on your bracelet along with the Gathering Info Line number. Our volunteers will pray over all requests daily. Of course, if you have a situation that requires chaplain, medical, or security services, your first call should be to the Gathering Info Line at 1-888-411-3522, but you can request that the chapel volunteers also pray over the issue.

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