Saturday, July 25, 2009

Service Day by Cheryl.

The day began at 5 AM with a phone call from Ray, to both rooms, making sure we were awake. Next we went down to eat a quick on-the-go breakfast. Then we CABBED (finally), the 1.5miles to the Superdome to meet our buses. Our servant companion (leader), had an extremely deep voice, and a skinny body. Kind of like Marc Zumoff, or Merrill Reefe. He did a great Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" impression. He also extremely liked the sound of his own voice, so we heard it a lot. On the ride there we had to sit with someone that we did not previously know, and it turns out that all four groups on the bus were from Pennsylvania. The guy that I sat with was actually at FLY last February, and remembered me because I shared in front of everyone during the gathering. Most of the people who were on our service project were from PA, one group even had our former pastor. That was interesting. Needless to say, there was a lot of WE ARE...PENNSTATE! And, E-a-g-l-e-s, EAGLES! Anyway, our service project today was cleaning off 12 blocks of median, in the middle of a road. Along the way, we found hub caps, hair barrettes, bags, a dead turtle, a lizard, tons of seashells, liquor bottles, a purse, electrical outlets, and fire ants and spiders. There were also many cigarette buds that we threw out! After that was done we got back into the van, where Subway provided us with a free lunch. Which is amazing because they did that for all 40 buses, that had about 40 people on them, everyday, and sometimes more then once a day. Subway is great! We then took a tour of the 9th ward, and the devastation, and we saw where the levees broke. In the 9th ward we saw a sign on a school that said Registration: 8-17-2005, and we saw a lot of houses with X's on them, some of them having numbers other then 0, meaning that someone died in that house. The tour was cut short because one of the other buses had a flat tire. So then we walked the 1.5 mile walk, back to the hotel and took showers, and now we are hanging out in the rooms! Love, Cheryl Rozinski!

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