Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mary & Martha

Today in church we heard about Mary, the wonderful listener, and Martha, her busy sister who was too caught up with a million activities to realize that the only necessary thing in life was Jesus.

It made me realize that while the updates on this blog are currently happening with fair regularity, coming off of a fantastic year at ASP, they will soon stop as we all get geared up for school, work, and life again, just as it did last summer after national gathering.
Martha's attitude in life, and our pastor's conviction that the vast majority of our congregation had a similar attitude, was definitely a wake-up call today. Rather than get caught up in work, in school, in a social life, or in ourselves, let's get caught up in Christ. He is truly the only one who will always be there for us, no matter what. It is a reminder to take time every now and then to consider what is important in life, from family & friends to the Lord, and remain focused on them. Taking focus off of material things, busy work, and what "society" says is okay allows the mind to focus on things that actually matter.

So this week, let's challenge ourselves to be more like Mary, and try to take a step back from life and really listen to what's going on around us. You may be surprised by what the world (and the Lord) are trying to say.

And as for the blog, I hope that the contributors can take time every once in a while to focus on their spriritual life and write about how it changes/is affected by the busy-ness of our lives.


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