Sunday, July 18, 2010

10-8 (responding) to Role Models

""The many shapes and sizes of 'Role Models' ""

Growing up as the oldest cousin, a babysitter, and an older youth, it was common to be reminded that I must be a good role model. Youths (youth?) and adult are often expressive about the role models they've had throughout their lives, and which truly made an impact. Today, sitting in the pew and reflecting on the things I've read this week, I realized that most of the time, people consider those who are their elders to be the candidates for role models... but really, someone who affects your life in that way can be any age. I looked to my left, admiring my friends beautiful cross necklace that she recently received for her confirmation, and knew instantly that she has been a role model for me this year. I wish I had become closer with her sooner, but I know we will be friends for life. Her constantly peppy attitude and her dedication to her faith, friends, and family are truly inspirational for me. Also this summer, I was privileged to meet a younger guy from West Virginia. His enthusiasm about helping, his unconditional love for his family, and his dedication to protecting his younger siblings was admirable. I am constantly surprised by the enthusiasm and dedication to the program that the youth younger than myself have for this program and for each other, whether we're winning jackpots at chuck e cheese, climbing (or falling down) mountains, hammering, shooting each other with paint or lasers, or sleeping on the ground, indoors or out.

So anyway, whether you consider yourself young or old, remember that there is likely someone who considers you a role model.

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