Monday, July 12, 2010

Just some more pictures from the week!

Amanda Couch and Becca Kehs, in one of Rays extra shirts that he brings every year.

Andrew Grafton and Amanda Couch working on a ramp.

Andrew used for drills at once!
Ray shaved Evans head, so slow! But we raised over 1000 dollars for our center which is very cool!
That is how Evan ended up.

Amanda Couch and Willie Thornton.

Cheryl Rozinski and Meghan Evers.
Shaughn got stuck. Whoops.

Ray, Shaughn, and Renee.

Todd with his famous monkey.

Our tuesday night entertainment.

Matt Merritt and Alec Fox have become the best of friends!

Alec, Becca, Matt, and Vicki discussing some important trip information.

At our first rest stop, Matt Merritt bought a huge burger. Where does he put all of the food? It was over 1000 calories!

The L.L. Beaners.

Andrew Grafton and Cheryl Rozinski. Sunday Night.

Random toilet in the girls bathroom.
Vicki Petosa and Cheryl Rozinski.

Service bell at Arbys, Willie Thornton rang it because he had great service!
Anonymous Youth.

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