Monday, July 12, 2010

Its always my favorite.

Hey Blog Followers,

I am a youth that went on the trip last week.

Every year I go, ASP ends up being my favorite week of the year. I come home so fulfilled. I learned so much this week. I learned that you have to take everything in stride, and God will take care of the worrying for you. When I was assigned my crew, I was very stressed and worried, but to my surprise, the crew I was on worked together so well. I will be friends with the people on my crew for life, and I truly bonded with each one. I wish we could do ASP all summer, because as hard as the work is, it is so worth it. I would love it if Upper Dublin could take 5 or 6 crews on ASP each year. I am so excited to see the video that Ray puts together!

Keep checking the blog!
Anonymous youth.

PS. check out the pictures I uploaded. One of Mr. Merritts crew on the worksite with their family. They built a ramp for Barbara, the lady in the wheel chair. The other of Todd's youth on his crew, doing thier morning chore of dishes!

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