Monday, July 30, 2012

You can't just explain it...

In going on adventures like a National Lutheran Youth Gathering, you can't just come back and explain what happens.  You can't even try to tell people what happened, because each person expierences it different.

I have been to ELCA Youth Gatherings as a youth participant, a Gathering Volunteer, and now 3 times as the adult leader of a group of youth.  I have taken a group of 7, then 10, and now 21.  You would think it is scalable, but the funny thing is, it is not.  It actually is quite different.  I mean with the basics of having more people, it also changes the dynamic of the group.

We will keep sharing these with you and once the last member has shared, I will provide a recap of the the entire events from the "Youth Director's" view, but to avoid influencing reflections, I will hold off for now.

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