Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How you get there is part of the adventure....

I will be honest, the idea of waking up 16 youth to get on a 4 AM airport shuttle to catch a place was a bit nerve racking.  What time could they sleep till and still be ready by 4 AM was my biggest logistical plan.

You know what the hardest part was?  What to do with the extra 10 minutes they had after, getting up, packing up, and getting ready.  The youth (and adults) were amazing.  After 40 minutes at Philly's Airport printing boarding passes and another 30 minutes through security...we made it to our gate with some time to spare.  The flight to Houston was fine...then in my head I hear Tom Hanks, "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM".

The problem, well we boarded on time.  Found our seats and were ready for take off.  Then 5 minutes passed. 10, 15, and finally 20 minutes.  We are told they are fixing a small mechanical issue.  Code for "YOUR PLANE IS BROKEN AND WE ARE GONNA PATCH AND PRAY"!  Well maybe not, but we were told we were missing a screw.  Now, I have always been missing at least one screw, and I get along JUST FINE.  The problem is, we weren't told if it was a screw to hold the wheel on or just the coffee holder in.

We leave Houston about 12:40 (our original landing time in NOLA) and as soon as we take off, we prepared to land and NOLA!

To save you boring details....Got our luggage, broke into three groups for travel to the hotel on the shuttles, arrived at the hotel, went swimming.  Then three friends show up in "UNIQUE SHIRTS".  We share some laughs and when we get ready for dinner, our already crowded room of 9 people is becoming too much for Shaughn Thornton.  When I say, "go get everyone else", he asks "this isn't everyone"?  Then 21 people are crammed in this room and Shaughn's mind is blown.

The 24 (21 + 3 UDLC Gathering Volunteers) venture off to Cajun Cabin for dinner.   Alligator, Dead Cajun Burgers, Blackened Protein of all kinds, Po' Boys are had by all. 

I convince Woody Fulmer and Adam Krizner to join me for a "Dead Cajun".  Now, I told them it was delicious and big, but to give you an idea on actual size...

Now they enjoyed it, but when the carbCOMA hit about 10 minutes later, a 45 minute stroll up and down Bourbon Street helped.

The youth ventured off to Bourbon Street.  To see what there is to see as a teenager (a lot of gift shops and entrances to shady places).  There were places called Gentleman's Clubs, but I didn't see any men in suits, just women asking people to come in...WEIRD HUH?

Then we headed back to the hotel for a team check in and early night....Remember, at the beginning of this, we woke up at 3:30 AM, so 9 PM was pretty late!

Well, Erik House's alarm has now gone off 3 times.  Must be time for him to get up.  We will start the day and you will need to check back in to see what adventures may come.

-Ray Hopkins

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