Friday, July 20, 2012

I need a HIGH 5 and a PONCHO!

DAY #2:
Condition-tired yet spirited.

Attitude-cheerful as always.

Food supply-flourishing.
Faith journey: inching forwards-actually, accelerating into space!

FREE HIGH FIVES ANYONE? I think I've had more high fives in the past two days than I have in my entire life. Literally. Oh, and I've also witnessed the infamous excess of Bourbon Street-if you know what I mean. On a more serious note, I've learned that you can spread your faith by simply loving one another-this can be as easy as welcoming new friends, giving lots of hugs and by supporting others around us constantly! Never before have I experienced so many happy teenagers- high-fiving, singing, hugging and cheering. However, one of the best parts of my day today (Thursday) was that I got to buy FOUR oranges (which I've become really addicted to) FOR JUST $2!!! TALK ABOUT A GOOD DEAL! BUT NEW ORLEANS IS COOL AND ALL THE SPEAKERS ARE FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC!



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