Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's been a while...

I sit down to write today, not from some planned entry I previously wrote, not because something extravagant has happened, and certainly not because I have any idea what is going on in the world at large. I sit down to write today just because it feels right. Plus, I've been exposed to several blogs via facebook, twitter, and stumbleupon, so I suppose you could say I'm inspired. I'll warn you now, though, this could get ramble-y.

Normally what I write for myself is poetic or lyrical, something that's been on my mind, something that caught my attention, or simply a way to vent. Here, however, I tend to try only to post when something seems legitimately important. Clearly I haven't figured out what that will be today, but I have a feeling I'll be taken there by the end.

Until then, I'll start off with some quick, vague updates... 1) One of my best friends from home is facing some things she has never faced before. Some of them are issues that most people her age will never face, others are more common than she thinks. In any case, I applaud her for being strong through it all, I thank her for confiding in me when things get tough, and I pray for her mental peace and for her community's overall well-being. 2) I have met one of the most amazing people. He takes care of me, he makes me feel safe and happy, and I am thrilled to be able to call him my boyfriend. 3) Two of my best friends, one being the one who has been with me through more than anyone else besides mom, are coming to spend the weekend in my dorm this weekend! I'm hoping to have an amazing girl's weekend with them, and am so happy I get to see them! Plus, being an unofficial tour guide for a soon-to-be student will be an adventure =] 4) After some minor issues during the fall semester, I have a new roommate for the spring. We get along really well (shock, I know.) and are even planning to live together again next year! (with my newest best friend)

No surprise here, the only thing I can ever seem to harp on is the value of community. But you already know what I have to say about that. Surrounding yourself with those who care about you is powerful; it lifts your spirits when they're down, it provides a sounding board whenever you need one, and the people in it will always be there. I am reminded of this at the most random times, whether it be a new facebook user, a card or letter in the mail, or simply spending time with my friends & hearing/seeing/feeling how much we mean to each other.

One last thing. If you've ever met me, you know that my mom is the single most important person to me on this earth. She has solid (albeit blunt) advice, is supportive when I need her to be, and is generally just an amazing person. Also at home with her I have pets. Our dog, Nicky, had to be put down shortly before Christmas. I knew this would be hard for mom, and really wanted to find a new friend, both for her and for our cat, Scooter. It just so happened that our visit to the SPCA yielded the perfect answer. Our new cat, Hershey, acts more like a puppy than I have ever witnessed in a cat's behavior. He sits in the same spots as Nicky did, plays with toys and with his family members, feline and human, and is a lovely addition to the Kehs household.


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