Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Leave Baggage Unattended

Inspiration hits at weird times, in weird places. This time it was at the Philadelphia Int'l Airport at gate B14, as I was waiting to go back "home" to Pitt. It seems I'm always going "home" to some degree -- but that's another entry entirely =]
As I hear the many repetitions warning passengers not to leave baggage unattended, it gets me thinking (there's lots of time for thinking when you're alone at an airport or two). Baggage, in the emotional sense, is often something most keep hidden as well as they possibly can - from the world and even from themselves - but I feel like that's not exactly an effective strategy for happiness/ life in general. Baggage should not be left unattended. It should be acknowledged at least by the person who carries it, but more often than not it should be shared. Once again I'll reference the power of community - the more (familiar) people around a literal bag, the safer it is... and why shouldn't the same be true for our emotional issues?

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