Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Over-Think (Check-In #1)

That lesson, to not not over-think every thing that happens (or doesn't) is easily one of the most important lessons I've learned in life, but has been especially relevant this week.
It's creeping up on a month since I've moved to Pittsburgh, and I can't decide what my opinion of it is yet; it changes too frequently. Most days I love everything about it: the people, places, walks, etc. Other days, I can't help but miss home for the very same reasons. It's conflicting because I am faced with the task of deciding how much of home I want to leave behind (certain people, places, material things) and how much of home I need to hold on to. I love so many people at home (or abroad) and can't even imagine a world without them, but there are so many more I wish I could delete from my life as easily as I can delete them from my phone or from facebook. Someone told me the essential purging of "high school" life was a huge part of growing up... Hopefully I'll figure out when I'm ready for it.
For some reason, the rational part of my brain took a vacation yesterday. I chalked it up to being a case of the Mondays, but by the end of the day I knew there had to be something bothering me more deeply than the day of the week. My first conflict with a friend, confusion on his part about "finding himself" and my remembrance of how much that time period meant to me, beginning the summer before senior year and continuing indefinitely, brought so many old emotions to the front of my mind that all rational capabilities seemed to take a back seat. It's days like that when my instincts need to change. Rather than putting every thought I have, relevant or not, into a minor situation, or calling someone from my past, or ranting via facebook, or depriving myself of sleep, I need to just....
and this is where the thought process ends. I truly don't know how to act when I get overwhelmed. Writing this is a great start. But deciding who gets to see it brings up new problems. I guess I put it here, in a safe, church-based community, and hope that God is as high tech as we are.

Anyway, moral (and challenge) of the story: remain calm, don't over-think, and stay true to yourself.
I'll be walking that road with you this week. (and probably always)


Coming Soon! Check-In #2:: Keeping the Faith

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