Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grease 2 - Rock-A-Hula Luau (Summer Is Coming)

Summer is coming up...and so is the summer season of parties and over scheduling.

If you are like me, your summer can be just as busy as the fall, winter, and spring. We talk of the lazy days of summer, what lazy days? There is time for BBQ's, shore trips, amusement parks, and time in the pool. Maybe not exactly like this:

The things we seem to miss, is the relaxing and enjoying the weather and sun. I say this as I blog on a laptop from my back deck, because obviously I take the time to relax...

The thing i would remind everyone though is that s we slow down, enjoy this time to relax and be outside or with family and friends, because we all know when it gets colder we will wish it was warmer.

Also, don't forget that you can still worship all summer long. In fact, our church has a an out door glen we use for worship at 9 AM every week and unless it is a heat wave and muggy, it is often the most relaxing time of my week.

Our teens and a group of adults will be venturing off to Ming County, WV the week of July 4th and working to repair homes for Appalachian Service Project. Keep following the blog and we will post photos, reactions, and some short video clips from the week.

Until our next post:

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